Monday, May 2, 2011

Why Aren't I Couponing?

Hey Lovies!! Last week Wednesday I watched a show on TLC called "Extreme Couponing" and was so amazed! If you haven't watched this show it is a definate MUST watch. It is about men/women who take couponing to a whole nother level! Unreal!
After watching this show I was like " Why aren't I couponing,?" I immediately got on youtube to look up couponing videos to see how I can get started. The next morning I found everything I needed around the house to start my couponing book. Binder, football card inserts, scissors and dividers now all I needed was my coupons.
So yesterday the kids and I walked to Cold Stone and I picked up a newspaper and I was soooo excited about getting home to look at my newspaper like it had black friday sales in it or something. That is usually the only time that I buy the newspaper anyway.
I was so happy to find 5 inserts in my newspaper, the savings are endless and this comes out every week! I think next week I will buy 2 papers to stack coupons for even more savings ( anyway that's another post lol).

So I am now determined to save my family tons of money using coupons and maybe even become the new "Coupon Queen!" If you are starting out couponing or are interested in venturing out with me message me and let's do this together! Until next time lovies let the couponing begin........

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